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prostitute which is degrading complains Gangu Bais son

Gangu Bai: My mother is portrayed as a prostitute which is degrading complains Gangu Bais son

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In Hollywoodusually before the release of the film & during the promotion, a series of controversies about the film or its characters or actors is becoming more & more common. Whether it is O My God or Aamir Khan’s PK or Sanjay Leela Bhansalis Padmavat with Deepika Padukone.

Gangu Bai: 'My mother is portrayed as a prostitute, which is degrading', complains Gangu Bai's son
Gangu Bai: ‘My mother is portrayed as a prostitute, which is degrading’, complains Gangu Bai’s son

As far as Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s films are concerned it was his turn to be beaten up during Padmavat. Now along with Alia Bhatt, questions are also being raised on Bhansali Sahib’s film Gangu Bai Kathia Wari & that too on behalf of the adopted son of Gangu Ba  the main character of this film.

Babu Ji Rao Shah, the son of Ganguly Bai a real character from the 60’s, says that the film portrays his mother as a prostitute who tarnishes his image & is degrading.

Babu Ji Rao says that since the release of the trailer people have been talking indescribably about his mother

Last year Babu Ji Rao Shah had gone to court against Sanjay Leila Bhansali & Alia Bhatt but the High Court had stayed the proceedings in the defamation case. The film is set to release in theaters next week & any controversy before the release is considered good for the promotion of the film in Bollywood.

Actress Madhuri Dixit says that films starring women in Bollywood are now being presented in a new style. According to him in these films women are now seen not only in the roles of victims of oppression or revenge against oppressors but also in powerful & powerful roles. She says she is today’s woman who is both a professional & a housewife, a sports woman & an artist. 

Rasil Madhuri Dixit is stepping on the OTT platform with a web series on Netflix. In this new series called Fame Game’, Madhuri will play the role of a superstar. Obviously, the main characters of the series are the same.

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Take some lessons from Bollywood’s big star Swara Bhaskar!

Madhuri Dixit is doing a web series on Netflix

Talking to media Madhuri said that th is the best era for women in the industry so far where the story of the film revolves around heroines & these characters are not even traditional.

Madhuri made her film debut in 1984 with Abodh’ and the story of this film also revolved around heroin. Madhuri said that in those days there were few filmmakers who were interested in making such films but now times have changed.

Gangu Bai: My mother is portrayed as a prostitute, which is degrading complains Gangu Bai son

It is true that times have changed and so has the idea of ​​looking at women and their roles in movies & the OTT platforms have been instrumental in changing that view where new thinkers and writers have come up with new ideas & ideas. He is also writing and presenting revolutionary stories & characters without any confusion. These writers are writing scripts with modern sensibility free from patriarchal mentality.

Surprisingly while the audience applauds loudly at the scene of a powerful hero rescuing the poor heroine of a powerful hero from the clutches of thugs or tyrants, people on the OTT also appreciate Perwin radically different character. Which means its about to be the most delusional time of the year as wel..

Tiger 3 is also to be shot in Delhi

The big screen hero remembered that Salman Khan has once again arrived for the shooting of Tiger 3 and with him has arrived the newly wed bride Katrina Kaif who is his heroine in this movie. Parts of the film are to be shot in Delhi though attempts were made to keep it a secret so that there would be no disturbance during the shooting in this crowded city, but still pictures of the two went viral on social media.

In 2012 the first film of the series was Ek Tha Tiger followed by Tiger Zinda Hai in which hundreds of bullets from just one machine gun of Salman Khan were killing countless thugs. The film was a huge success at the box office and now Tiger 3 is ready. Let’s see how long people will like this formula of killing four thugs with one bullet.

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